How do Giraffetool’s Pressure Washers Connect To Users’ Requirements?

Pressure washers are excellent cleaning tools. They are used for cleaning cars, garage floors, driveways, patios, etc. However, a proper choice of pressure washers is important to get harness their full benefit.

A proper choice of pressure washers requires a thorough comparison of machines available in the market. The selection and choice of a pressure washer connect to the features of the pressure washer and your demands.

Types of Pressure Washers

Pressure washers come in two main types.

2 in 1 washer

Two washers are present in this category which are grand falls washers or manual 2 in 1 washer. They are relatively expensive.

Electric washers

Electric washers could be portable or non-portable pressure washers. They are relatively cheaper than 2 in 1 washer.

Why Choose The Washers Offered By Giraffe Tools?

Several brands are available in the market and the pressure washers by Giraffe Tools are extremely versatile and convenient to use. They are available in a pre-assembled form and offer several advantages over their competitors which are summarized below.

Easy installation

As these pressure washers are marketed in a pre-assembled form, they need no complicated installation. Its hose reel is attached to the main body of the pressure washer. It saves at least 30 minutes which could have been wasted in assembling the machines of other brands.

Only the user has to mount the washer on a wall through the provided tools. Moreover, a user manual is also provided which assists the users.


A good pressure washer should be resistant to regular stresses e.g., exposure to debris and dust, water splashes, and the mechanical drag of pulling the hose. Good pressure washers are optimized to bear all these stresses. The bodies of pressure washers are made from an extremely strong alloy of magnesium, zinc, and aluminum. This alloy is lighter in weight and thus improves the efficiency of washing. Moreover, the best ceramic materials are used in its layering system. Hence, these washers require minimal care and can endure long.

Safe to use

The total stop system (TSS) of these pressure washers acts synergistically with the pump and avoids any sort of damage. The TSS turns off the main pump when the trigger is not in action. It not only saves the machine from extensive pressure built inside but also saves energy.

The large radius of Hose

A 100 feet hose pipe provided with these pressure washers can help you to wash every corner of your desired area without requiring any extension. Moreover, the automatic wrapping of the hosepipe through a self-layering system saves time.

Low power rating

The TSS of these pressure washers saves a lot of electricity costs by turning off the machine whenever the trigger is released. The improved efficiency of the pump also saves energy.

Continuous supply of high pressure

These pressure washers can deliver the water at the rate of 1.3 gallons/minute and generate a devastating pressure of 2200 PSI. This pressure ensures a smooth and easy cleaning.

The relief valves are made of pure copper which saves energy and improves the efficiency of suction. The body cavity is straight which further lowers hindrance in the flow of water.

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