Options to Customize Your Tumbler for a Perfect Look

Are you planning to gift someone, yet you don’t know the perfect gift idea to consider? Well, have you thought about a personalized tumbler? Making a custom tumbler is the real deal when you are out of gift ideas for your loved one. Turn a simple tumbler into a meaningful present and make the person remember you always. It can be your sibling, parent, friend, or workmate. There are different approaches you can consider to make your customized tumbler stand out. Read this article through the end and discover the best and easy ways to make your gifting experience worth the effort.

Different ways to Custom your Tumbler for Gifting Someone

There are many ways to explore when personalizing a tumbler to gift someone; in this article, we have explored some of the ideas that can match your needs. Check them and decide what will work for you best.

Photo Tumbler

A photo tumbler always stands out in a unique way. Besides, this approach is quite affordable. You simply need a tumbler and a printed photo, then personalize it to suit the person you are sending the gift to. However, you must be careful with the tumbler’s size. It has to be large enough so that the photo can fit in perfectly and remain visible. This customization strategy is perfect when planning to gift your parents.

Creating a Sticker

Can you imagine a beautiful sticker on a tumbler? Well, this approach is common nowadays. You can opt to buy a nice sticker or make one if you understand the process well. The ultimate goal is to have an eye-catching and trendy sticker. This is a perfect gift idea for a close friend who is graduating or celebrating a birthday.

Epoxy Glitter Tumbler

This tumbler customization option is for those who love sparkling and glittering things. You need a large tumbler, epoxy, mod podge, and glitters. With this craft, you can make a perfect gift for your mum on special days like Mother’s Day celebrations. Apart from looking excellent, such mugs add a touch of beauty at home. Be sure to blend the colors perfectly to bring out a colorful and nice-looking tumbler.

Oil Paint Markers

Using oil paint and markers on your tumbler is an excellent and creative way to make your tumbler stand out. With oil paint markers, you can write a nice quote or create an eye-catching pattern that matches the needs of a person you want to gift. After painting, you will need to bake in the oven for some minutes to get a quality and nice-looking final product.

Spray Paint

Another easy way to modify your tumbler is using spray paint. The best aspect of this approach is that you can play around with different colors to create a satisfying product.

Note: Although spray paint is a fun and enjoyable activity, always take extra precautions because these spray paints have some chemicals that can damage the skin or cause irritation. So, always read the precautions first before you start customizing your tumbler.


There is no better way of gifting someone other than personalizing the gift. Tumblers, mugs, and cups make great products to customize, depending on the person you want to gift. Have you been wondering what the best ideas to customize your tumbler are? Hope you have learned something from this article.

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