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Roof cleaning is something that is often overlooked. You should clean your roof once a year to extend its lifespan and maintain it in good shape. The appearance of your home’s exterior can be enhanced by having a clean roof. A well-maintained roof will save your money, compared to an unmaintained or damaged roof. It is recommended by that you should clean your roof at least once annually. Pressure washer tools are the best option for cleaning your roof and keeping it in good shape.

Some key points for roof washing:

Keep three points in mind for pressure washing of your roof:

  1. A gentle wash technique with low pressure is an effective way to clean an older roof.
  2. Moss and algae can destroy wooden objects and furniture.
  3. Roof washing isn’t a waste of money but it’s a guarantee for the long-term life of your property.

Roof Age

If your house is older than 10 years, it will require more frequent attention. In the case of new roof, you might be tempted to ignore it, which is not a good idea. Preventative actions are better than dealing with a crisis before it occurs terribly. This will eliminate dirt and improve the appearance of your home’s exterior and allow you to analyze its condition. You should clean and inspect your roof twice a year if it is more than 10 years old.

Roof Materials

How often a roof has to be cleaned depends on the kind of roof covering. Your roof may be covered with a variety of materials. Concrete or slate tiles that have been brushed and flattened, can be used by builders. Another alternative is a rounded barrel or ‘S’ shape tiles. S-shaped tile and metal can be very slippery when wet. They enhance the risk of tripping and falling when wet. Cleaning metal or tile roofs every six to eight months is necessary because of their tendency to accumulate dust. Make sure before cleaning the roof that roof material is strong and recommended for pressure bearing. When you start the washing process, keep the pressure washer’s wand at least a foot away from the roof’s surface and the direction should be downwards.

Surroundings effect

If more trees are surrounded by your home, it is feasible that leaves and branches may fall onto your roof. Dirt can be accumulated on your roof over time. Branch and leaf trash from nearby trees can easily wind up on your roof during the windy season. Cleaning and maintaining the property on a regular basis is enough to keep it in good condition.

Algae and Moss

The roof of a home is particularly vulnerable to moss and algae. As a result of the pollutants’ ability to trap moisture, shingles and roof paper can become brittle. It can lead to water leaks. Never assume that algae, moss and other similar growth on your roof can be ignored. Because neglecting necessary washing can lead to a damaged roof and dangerous water leaks inside. After a stormy season, pressure washing a roof will remove any storm leftovers and trash that might lead to moss and other accumulations.

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